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A re-upload of the Collection

Seeing as people keep asking for it to be re-uploaded, what I've done is put it onto a torrent.

You can download it here (the websites in German but its pretty straight forward):

If you can't download it or the torrent doesn't work let me know.

DAAS Fanfiction

I write DAAS/GNW/The Sideshow fanfiction and I'm creating a hub of great stories by multiple authors.

For excellent fanfiction to read go here:http://tangawarra.wordpress.com/

If you write DAAS etc fanfiction then I would love to add it to the site so please get in touch.


Young Master Paul

Oh you know...just something that could possibly be Paul McDermott's website dedicated to his art

Hi folks

Long time no see. Haven't watched Good News World since Ep 2 and can't wait for normal Good News Week to return next year (hoping).

Moving on, Mr Fidler has apparently burnt himself in a recent cooking misadventure. He'll be recovering from hospital soon though. Get well soon, Mr Fidler!

Take care folks!

Big Post of Everything

I apologise for not doing this sooner, but I have uploaded a torrent to this website which contains all that was previously on megaupload.
The websites in German, but its pretty straight forward. If there are any issues let me know.

Blue and Live in Edinburgh

Hi guys,

Thanks to itunes and the magic of ebay my Dougs collection has grown to a very considerable size. However the two things I do not have are Blue and Live in Edinburgh, which is killing me because Brendan Behan/The aulde triangle is my favourite of their covers. So I was wondering if any one had any links to these certain items.

Thanks in advance. 

Old Big Gig tapes - Who has 'em?

Howdy folks, long time reader first time poster here.

I'm looking for a tape of the Big Gig circa 1990-1991. I don't know who else was in the show, but I'm after the episode which featured TISM. As near as I can tell, it was broadcast "October 30, 1990" and their performance is quite infamous, however nobody (not even the crusted-on TISM nerds) have a copy of the footage.

I know that DAAS performed on the Big Gig quite frequently and that DAASthusiasts have been known to have Big Gig collections (especially popular from before the DVD came out) and was hoping beyond hope that one of you happy folks may have the episode that I am after.

Soo... anyone?

Heads up all GNW & Comedy Festival fans!

Tickets for Good News Week (2pm & 5pm shows) at next years' Melbourne International Comedy Festival are now on sale!


Just find the appropriate show and click on Find Tickets, then follow the prompts.

I would definitely get in quick with these ones! Group bookings tend to sell a lot faster.

There are a couple of other shows on sale too; check out the link from above for those who are interested :)

Yuletide reminder

Signups for Yuletide, the annual small fandoms ficathon, are open for about another forty-eight hours. I just wanted to remind everyone that both Doug Anthony All Stars RPF and DAAS Kapital (as an FPF fandom) are nominated fandoms this year, so if you'd like to write some fanfic, this is a great opportunity.

Right now, for DAAS RPF, there's only one request and one offer-to-write, both from me. This means that if nobody else signs up offering to write it, there can't be a match and there won't be any shiny new DAAS RPF for Yuletide. Which would be sad. (DAAS Kapital is in better shape, with one request and three offers).

So, if you're interested in writing DAAS RPF and/or DAAS Kapital fic, I urge you to sign up for Yuletide. It's fun!

Here's a very helpful walkthrough of the sign-up procedures; further info can be found at yuletide_admin. Yuletide is being hosted by An Archive of Our Own this year, which means you will need an AO3 account to participate; I have invite codes if you need one.



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